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Hi there,
I've haunted these terrific boards for years and thought I'd give back a bit.

I wanted to share my HiSAF (High Spousal Approval Factor) Sub using a HiVI SP10 and CSS APR12 passive radiator build.

I planned these subs for possibly 2 years trying to find a solution that would give me maximum extension in the minimum space.

IMO I think that this combo is just about the ultimate subwoofer compromise - small foot print (high SAF), high power handling and maximum extension.

Modeling using WINISD indicates a flat response to around 22hz (which is frankly lower than I can practically hear when doing test tone sweeps).

The real key to the success of this design I believe is the amazing CSS passive radiator. It is the key to small box, great extension with no port noise - the limiting factor for my goals of small box with great extension due to the trade off of very long wide port that just won't fit inside the box vs narrow short port with big turbulence. I don't like sealed subs with low sensitivity drivers like the Hivi due to the loss of output compared to a ported/PR design (I have 8 subs in my life at the moment so I have tried!).

As I'm in Australia getting parts is far from affordable. Those of you in the US with zero freight retailers like Parts Express do not know how good you have things!

My Hivi drivers came from: http://www.myav.com.au/epages/mymy7204.sf/en_AU/?ObjectPath=/Shops/didi6439/Products/0020
and the CSS PR's from: http://av.darcher.com.au/index.php/raw-drivers/

I believe that the Hivi SP10 may be discontinued however the Dayton Ultimax UM10-22 in WINISD looks to be a drop in replacement achieving almost identical extension with minor changes to the weights on the CSS ARP12 in my box design.

I had the plans developed in CAD at a local joinery workshop and they cut all the 28mm MDF parts on their CNC machine so the build was like assembling a model of perfectly fitting parts. I'll never cut timber again myself! Two cabinets all cut out inc supply of MDF was $300. I built the cabinets over about a week slowly gluing up the boxes using waterproof water-based glue called Aquadhere. No nails or screws were used in my build - they are still going strong after 5 years!

I built a pair of these and each is being driven by a Crown XLS 2500 bridged with the limiter engaged. I use a Behringer CX2310 Super-X Pro Active Crossover for its 24hz high pass filter to limit the potential to over drive my subs in the inaudible bass region - its easy to switch in and out and I cant hear the difference either way - and am happy to know that really low bass isn't going to destroy my subs. This active crossover is also great for lifting the subwoofer line output of my Emotiva UMC-100 about 4db so that I can have the sub level in the UMC at 0 allowing me to have the full +/- 12 db either side to tweak my subs via the remote for music or movies of differing bass output levels from my seated position. I don't use any of the filtering capability of the active cross over as I leave this up to the UMC pre/pro.

Hope you may find this of interest or use.


Oh, and BTW, my subs sound amazing and get very, very loud. I think you would need to spend many thousands of dollars to match these in a retail store subwoofer.


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Very nicely done! I think we have to credit you with coining a new term; HiSAF. :T

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Where in Australia does this little monster live?
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