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Hitachi 43FDX01 Problem confirmation

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Hello guys, I've been reading a few of the post on this board lately, because I have a problem with my TV:help:.

Great website BTW! Tons of useful info!

I've read that most of the convergences problems are related to the STK being bad.

I think this is my problem., but before trying to repair my tv, I would like to know what you guys think about it:

Here a picture showing the convergence problem I have with the Green...

Thanks a lot!


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I have never seen anything like this but it looks like your convergence is OK. Can you adjust the gred, green, and blue all in both the horizontal and vertical directions? If so, your convergence output circuits are fine.
Thanks for the fast reply!

Yes i'm able to a adjust the convergence in both ways....well I can move it, bet never enough to put the green where it needs to be... Maybe my green projector is dead....
This looks like something being generated in video or deflection circuits, but it would require some troubleshooting and a scope to trackk down, likely. This is not a typical problem that would be something that a DIYer would be likely to sort out. I suggest taking the set to a professional for an evaluation. In 30 years of TV service I have not run across anything that looks quite like this. I would not recommend running the set like this.
Update Hitachi 43FDX01 Problem confirmation

I finally found a service manual for my tv...

I moved (Raster position) the green almost completely to the left and it seams to have fixed a little the problem, see attached picture...

Now when I press the convergence button on the front of the tv, the lines are perfect, but as you see in the picture below, the convergence is off going to the sides of the screen.

Is this adjustable? or I need to change the STK?

What I find really strange is that the TV did this all of the sudden, for no external reason (moving etc.) Why would the raster position move away like 2in for nothing??? Are the IC chips controlling the position and the convergence?

Thanks again for your answers lcaillo :eek:utstanding: It's helping me a lot....


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There maybe other settings were you can just move like the top left or the top right. I know with an old hitachi I worked on some time ago it had settings to move other areas of the screen. at least the way you have it now it should be watchable. If there are settings maybe you can make it look better but, if you can't it maybe time to sell it to someone and let them know the top corners are out of aline a little, but the main part of the screen is looks fine. Even if you can make it look better chances are whatever part is going bad will go out the rest of the way.
The image in post 5 shows a horizontal linearity problem. This can sometimes be caused by a resistor being off value or a bad IC but is usually adjustable to the extent shown above. Moving the raster is NOT the proper way to adjust this. Raster position needs to be done according to the manual, then convergence adjusted from there.

I would re-read the convergence repair sticky (first ten posts) VERY carefully, along with the service manual. If you can find a copy there is a good convergence training guide from Hitachi for some models that I would recommend reading as well. There is much more to these repairs than just changing chips and it appears that you are heading for more problems if you do not do some homework before adjusting things.
Raster position needs to be done according to the manual, then convergence adjusted from there.
That's what I did.... anyways, the set is 9 years old and I don't think it's worth putting to much money or time into it...

Thanks everyone for your advices on the problem...:T
Now I think I'm gonna buy another TV., outch$$$ :crying:

Somebody wants a Hitachi 43FDX01? just pick it up and it's yours:bigsmile:
sure if you deliver it. lol. what state are you in? what town.
sure if you deliver it. lol. what state are you in? what town.
I live near Montreal, Quebec, in Canada :D
A little to far for me. If you have a local craigslist for Montreal in Canada you would be better off listing it there. sell it to someone for 50 dollars. list it as being very watchable. lol. one of the best places i found for prices is www.tigerdirect.com I think they also have a www.tigerdirect.ca should be able to find a replacement 42" for around for 530 dollars on tigerdirect. You may also want to check your local Walmart.
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