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Hitachi 43FDX20B Convergence Repair.....

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I am getting ready to replace the convergence amps on my 43FDX20B RPTV. I ordered the Hitachi kit recommended for the DP15K chassis (X480295). I have checked all of the associated resisters and I do have one that is severely burnt and is way out of spec.

My question is does anyone happen to know which value is supposed to be at RK42 because I can not make out the colors?

Any help will be greatly appreciated. :yay:
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The info sheet that will come with the kit lists the resistors that normally fail and are included. You can view it here:

Guess I am as blind as a bat... Didn't see that. Thanks lcaillo.
Not blind at all, I added it when I noticed that I had only put one of the files there when I made the post.
My replacement parts are supposed to be here this Wednesday and can't wait to resolve this issue. I had to turn down the red CRT beacause it is very hard to watch anything in this condition.

I will let you guys know how it goes.
It is really not a good idea to continue to run the set while needing repair.
So I blindly ordered this same repair kit for my 43fdx20b and I'm now thinking its the wrong one? How'd this work out for you???? My reason for question is that the kit says related models: 53UDX10b, 61UDX10b and doesn't include the 43FDX20b in it. Don't know whether to try to install it or not. Can I use these ICs with my model? STK394-160E?
The ICs are the same. The resistors may be different. Look in the .pdf for the proper kit and compare the resistor values.
Thanks for the reply! I did see that SOME of the resistors were the same so I used those but left the ones that were not the same. Just got her back together and looks good. I did use the magic focus and saw a "3" at the end but it did go through all three colors so its working for now. Anybody know what the code is? Boy I wish I spent the extra $ on the desoldering wick. Too bad I didn;t get it done in time to see the redskins lose yet another winnable game :duh:
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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