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Hitachi 43FDX20B

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When first turning on set power light turns on then off instintley { power relays click on off}
All leds on boards do the same on then off.No high voltage present at flyback or Crt"s
Also when you unplug either PMR PMG PMB Connectors on DPIX Deflection PWB.or PQD2 connector on DPIX Defection PWB . Power light stays on also all leds remain lite. But still no High voltage set will just stay on no pic no sound. Anyway the person who gave this to me said a tech in the area looked at it and said either Verticle output transistors or Convergence Circuit IC s or Resitors ect . Would like a Another opion as to what to look for as i have very little faith in what this guy tells people as the last Hitachi i aquired was only the green crt deflection board burnt resistor and he wanted to charge 400.00
Anyway i think you get the pic . So Any help would be wounderful thanks for the help in the past Darren
I have searched for simalar post found none ! also c712 is part #AT03184S Metal OX o.68 ohm 1w
found this out thru Hitachi i have conections lol but they wont say for sure if it belongs at c-712 spot on board
just listed in parts inventory crazey
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The vertical output is an IC, not transistors.

Shutdown can be caused by any of the secondary supplies being pulled low, so I would monitor them when the set first tries to come up. If all of the LEDs come up when you disconnnect the noted connectors, that tells you that the supplies they monitor are working. You need to determine which is being pulled down by a load. You can either monitor them, preferably with a peak hold meter or measure for a low resistance to ground on one of them.
icallo thanks for the info Not sure if you can answer this ?
well after a visual inspection of Dpix Deflection PWB i found C712 missing as it looks like it was there
meaning its location is on the right when in front of set next to pmr pmg pmr connectors
what i am saying is that were it connects on board the silver holders are there with solder and looks like
the cap was removed for some reason as i can see parts of cap leads sticking out of solder holders on board. i would look at sceamatic but i somehow have lost the file i downloaded for free and now cant find the site. Could that be the problem ? either the cust removed to get new tv created bug or tech out on call may have. ive seen it before as i have been a copier tech for 25 yrs and come across all sorts of weird bugs by techs anyway if you have sceamtic please let me know if the cap is supposed to be there so im not chaseing my tail thanks Darren
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You might try the schematics for free site. They have some Hitachi manuals, IIRC. There are other sites where you can get service manuals listed in the sticky in the DIY Repair forum.
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