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hitachi 43fwx20b

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I was given one of these hitachi 43fwx20b and the red CRT does not come on. I was removing the CRT and ridiculously pulled the thick red wire that goes from it to the main board out. Is this going to be something I can repair or did I just completely destroy this? Also does this entire bulb need replacing or the board attached to it? any info or links to info would be spectacular as I was super happy and now I'm really bummed and frustrated. If this is not going to be something I can fix I'm just going to take it out back and go "Office Space" on it. I'd rather not as it's a very nice machine. I've been literally searching google and this forum for over 2 hours and decided I'll have better luck asking. so...yup...Thank you in advance
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oh, I'm talking about the red wire that goes into the high voltage block. I know I should have been more careful, but. I was not. I pulled to hard thinking I had twisted it enough and separated the silver cap from the wire and now the silver cap is stuck down inside ....sigh....
Anyone know how i can get the lil cap out
This is very bad. It is quite hard to get the tip out at this point without damaging the HV block. You will need to very carefully replace the entire lead to do it right. Splicing a new end to the lead is possible but you have to be very careful about insulation or you will have high voltage leaking.

Without the CRT installed to do some troubleshooting it is very difficult to sort out whether the CRT is bad or related circuits.
I got the cap out! ! lol I removed the whole board and got a skinny pair of tweezers and turned it to line up the tabs turned it upside down and out it came....wheew! I shouldn't have an issue re-soldering it back on I don't believe. The red gun was completely not working which is why i started this whole process, now I am at a point where I feel It's almost not worth my time...I'm going to rest off the frustration and take a second peek tomorrow. I know I have to replace the coolant in the red before I can even continue troubleshooting. as it was leaking from the rubber boot on the top. (someone had installed it incorrectly after last service I think.) sigh..
If any coolant got on any connectors or circuits, they need to be removed and washed and dried thoroughly and all connections checked carefully. If there was a coolant leak it could be the source of the problem with the red.
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