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Hitachi 43UWX10B

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I'm new to the forum and need a bit of advice about my Hitachi 43UWX10B. First, I have some soldering experience. I've repaired power supplies on two other Pioneer's. Also I'm technical in IT so my problem solving skills are good.

On to the issue. I've had the TV since 2003 and stopping using it in 2005 and it sat in my house until recently when I decided that I wanted to try the shim mod. I wasn't too familiar with convergence but my TV has always had some things that bug me (Overscan, no VGA, etc). I experimented with 3/4 and 1/25 height adjustment and HD Basics DVD. I could see Vertically quite a bit of improvement with Overscan but horizontally was a bit limited by the cabinet. Next, I used the Magic Focus Button, Status and entered manual Convergence. I had never seen this screen before and it took a bit to figure out the numbers to move around the screen. This is when I noticed a problem. The colors where Red, Blue, and Pink. They Should be Red, Blue, White or Green.

I removed the front and adjusted the focus. When top three knobs changed the screen to Red, Blue, and Green. However, on the bottom three knobs the middle one does not work. I suppose that means that Green Convergence is broken. Next I checked out the board and I see no problems with Caps or Connectors, nothing is burnt. I looked at the power supply. I removed the one connector labeled PCB Green and plugged it back in. Next, I read all the post in the Hitachi regarding convergence. I also read the big post about troubleshooting convergence. It mentions not being able to move in one direction but not completely 2 way broken.

On the board are two ST392-110's. I could pull the board and look for bad spots, I could replace the st392-110's and fix the board, there is also something about a Yoke but I'm not really clear that this is the issue and big post says not to buy parts if you don't know that is going to fix the problem.

I'm hoping for a little advice
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