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Hitachi 51S500

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Hi, noob here

I have a Hitachi 51S500 that has been working great since I have owned it. My only current issue is that a spider has set up shop in the cabinet and is driving me crazy with some cobwebs.

I think I can figure out how to open up the unit, but, I was wondering if anyone had any specific information I should consider before doing that. I am planning to do a bit of cleaning (compressed air ). I looked around for service manuals etc and other information on the web but haven't found much.

Any pointers/information sites I should check?

Thank you in advance
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Your post has been moved to a more appropriate location to make information easier to find and to make it more likely that others who are interested will find your post.
If I recall correctly, there are screws across the bottom of the screen frame behind the grille, then the screen and frame come off with a sideways slide and tilt.
Thank you for the tip on screw location. Sorry to have posted in wrong section:doh: Thanks for moving to a more proper forum.
Is there any advice on any specific things to check while I clean the cabinet out?

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