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Hitachi 55HDT79 Blue light flashes 8 times and error LED code not in the manual

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Please, anyone help. I was watching my TV when all of a sudden the screen went blank. I checked my input signal, fine. I cycle power at the main switch and the light flashes 8 times. I purchased the service manual and pulled off the back cover to see the LED on the Digital Main Board and after going through the startup sequence the #2(red) #3(yellow) & #4(green) LED's stay on for about 20 sec. ( **Note the manual lists the #1 as red LED and #2 and orange, on my board those two are backwards. I don't think is a big deal I am just going by their position**) I look in my manual to see what the LED code is and row 14 is blank where it would have the description! How am I gonna figure this one out? I turn to you, the ones I hope may have dealt with this kind of issue before, for guidance. If anyone has any kind of answer it would be greatly appreciated. I don't know what else to do here.:hissyfit::hissyfit:
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Are you sure you have the correct service manual?

Yes iam sure it is the correct manual. I just looked one more time just to be safe. Any ideas?
Contact Hitachi?
I unfortunately think I will contact a service company nearby. I worry it will take a while for them to fix since they seem very busy. Either way i'll be sure and post what comes of it. Thank you for your time,
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