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Ok so like everyone else is this thread having trouble with my Hitachi.

I had 3 flashing blue lights. I Just decided to fix it months after breaking. ordered upper and lower buffer boards and caps.

After soldering the 2 puffy caps on the power supply board; i replaced the buffer boards. I hooked it up powered it on stand-by mode red fine powered on and flickered and hurd everything power down. I dont think anything fried. Solid blue light protection mode i think. disconnected the y board ( where the buffer boards connect to) powered it back up and i got the 3 flashing blue lights.

i tried to single out the buffer boards test top then bottom same solid blue light. When i power it on it click on fan turns on i can kinda hear a tiny screech the whole time. After then fan kicks on for a second i hear 2 clicks safe mode and power down? i am thinking something in the power supply board.

Im getting a multimeter from harbor freight but i have no idea how to even use one or whrer to start
i am researching it now. would love help
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