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Hitachi P50S601 dimly lit screen

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The problem started with 3 blinking lights so after opening it up to take a look I noticed 2 bad caps 100v 3300uf which were swollen. After replacing the caps the tv now turns on by its self after plugging in the power cord after about 3 seconds. The fans are running, status light turns blue and their is a faint light over the entire screen. It will run for 30 -60 seconds then turn off then back on again. The tv doesn't respond to any input from the remote or the controls on the front to power down.
I initially thought the logic board was at fault and replaced it but there was no difference. According to the service manual the logic board is not replaceable and says its a part of the panel.(panel failure) Following the troubleshooting in the manual I have traced it to a short in the SDR-R and X-SUS but does anyone know if this is worth fixing not sure the very dim grey light I get on the screen is what the service manual is calling a panel failure?
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I'm probably giving up on it. I replaced the digi main board and was able to get the tv to power on and off with the remote control and could hear sound now. The picture is still dim and can barely see somewhat of a snowy screen but the pixels show up red and yellow faintly. Tried replacing the Ysus board from one in a known working tv but the screen was completely dark with none of the specs or lines from me removing the sdr ribbon cable.
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