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Hitachi P50S601 power up problem

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Hitachi Plasma (P50S601) TV powers up, runs for a few seconds and then goes into standby mode. The red standby light is blinking and will not respond to it's remote. It will however turn back on with the satellite remote and repeat the same symptoms. For the few seconds that it's on, it does have a picture and sound before going back into standby. Do you think the problem is limited to the power supply board or is the problem more widespread? i.e. curb material

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I think the first thing I would do is quit powering it on, then pull the back and check the power supply for swollen capacitors. If so replace them and check the voltages. Also check the SDR-U boards for blown chips. Since you still have full screen picture and sound before going into standby you may be lucky. Hope this helps.
Hello, I recently acquired a Hitachi P50s601 with the blinking blue lights. I did my forum homework and replaced the two 3300 micro-F caps. When I replaced the power supply, the TV now powers up for a few min and then back down into standby mode, with no voltage on the test pins. This did not occur when I was testing the television initially before replacing the budging caps. Is there a thermal switch or something of that sort that needs reset? I know one of the SRD boards is bad, this still occurs with the SRD boards unplugged.

I searched long and hard before posting this, so I apologize if the answer is already in another thread.

Thank you!
Hi Folks,

Just thought I would update you on the Hitachi. I took bluecatfish's suggestion and stopped turning it on! I then took it apart found the capacitors and ordered them. I received the caps a couple of days later and realized the ones that I ordered were too fat to fit on the circuit board. As the TV continued to lie on the living floor, much to my wife's chagrin, I went back on the internet and soon realized I wouldn't be able to find the same caps. I finally found a pair with the same diameter as the originals but longer. I ordered them anyway and fortunately they weren't too long and I was able to get the back of the TV back on. With my better half standing by with the fire extinguisher, I powered up the beast and the picture came on and stayed on!! My joy however subsided a couple of hours later when I heard a loud cracking sound and the picture went out again. This time however the blue light stayed on. I rebooted again and the TV worked fine for a couple of days and then the same thing happened again. It was then that I realized that both times this occurred I had my battery charger for my cell phone plugged into the power strip that the TV was also plugged into. I removed the charger, rebooted the TV, and haven't had any problems since. Total cost to fix the TV was less than $30 and would have been only half that if I had ordered the right capacitors the first time. A special thank you goes out to bluecatfish for his helpful suggestions. THX!!
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I had a standby problem today and took off the back cover. Used the can of air to blow extensively, wiped out the dust balls and grime from the four fans using Q-Tips, checked the fuse (good), hit the reset button, and voila!! Back to normal. It really is important to wipe down the back of your tv at least twice a month. Dust=Problems. Thanks for the original post. I saved lots of $$!:clap:
Unless the dust is limiting airflow, it is not a problem. If it does limit airflow, it can cause overheating.
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