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Hitachi P50S601 PROBLEM

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Hello everyone, I am new to this site and I hope someone can help with my problem, my P50S601 stopped working blue light blinks 3 times, no picture, wont shut off without unplugging. replaced swollen caps on the power board check the buffer boards (visual) unplugged one board at a time, unplugged x-sus board all with no luck. I then disconnected the logic board from the power supply and I now can turn the TV on and off with remote no blinking lights but still no picture, can someone tell me how to check the logic board or isolate the problem from there? your help would be greatly appreciated!
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Look for shorted components and open fuses on the y-sus board.
Thank you for the reply, there is a lot on that board any particular signs to look for? visual inspection not showing any burnt chips or swollen diodes or caps. don't see any fuses, my expertise is automotive so any guidance would be greatful
I had the same problem with my hitachi p50xr01.
I phoned with the support and they gave me a insider paper which explains how to check the y-sus board for damage.
I will tomorrow upload a photo.

Pls excuse my bad English I'm from Germany but this is the only forum in the World Wide Web with good tips about hitachi plasma.
Thank you that would be great! hopefully it is in English?
Yes it is in English.

How can I upload photos? It says there's a limit of 200kb for this file type... :/
Hi, not sure, I am new to this site, so we cant email each other yet, maybe 1 picture at a time? can anyone out there help with this?
I think that I since I have more then 5 posts you can email me the pictures, let me know if you have a problem finding my email, thanks again. Bruce
not yet but thank you for the diagrams!
My hitachi still working again!
I replaced the two caps and both buffer boards.
I ordered it on eBay from a Chinese seller and they don't replaced any ICs on it. So I think the boards are not repaired and original from an other plasma.
Thanks for all the help here.

Congrats on your fix. Those boards are likely copies of the original. Hopefully, they are more reliable.
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