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Hitachi P55H4011 Power Problem

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I have a P55H4011. The red power light is on. When I turn the TV on it clicks and the blue light flashes three times and stays steady blue and the TV shuts off. I checked the power supply and the top of the two big caps are puffed up. The local TV repair guy said the problem is the power supply and is $400 for a new power supply. I can get one oneline for $150. Before I do any of this does anyone know if there could be an additional problelm. From what I have been reading on this site it seems more than that. The two boards that control the upper and lower picture look good and there are no burn marks or holes in the chips. I was told to disconnect the top pannel and turn it on and the bottom of the TV lit up. Then I reconnected it and diconnected the lower one and the top of the screen lit up then went out. Does that mean the power supply or the boards are bad . Any help would be appreciated.


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Hi guys.
I need some help here. Here is the update. I replaced the two puffy caps on the power supply and re-installed it and the TV worked perfect with a great piciture. An hour later the TV shut off. It went on and off and back on for about 6 hours. The next day I turned the TV on and it went on and off and that's all it would do. I disconnected the upper buffer board and the TV turned on and the lower half had a good picture. I shut it off and reconnected the buffer board and disconnected the bottom and the TV turned on and off. I reconnected both buffer boards and the TV turned on and the picture was bad and I had horizontal lines and I heard a crackling pop sound and the TV went out. I noticed the top buffer board ws burnt out now, I disconnected the top buffer board and the TV turned on and stood on and the bottom half had no picture but just vertical and horizontal lines. Does this mean both buffer boards are burnt or is there also something else wrong. I would really like to fix it instead of buying a new TV. Can someone please help. I am at the end of my ropes. Please help.

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