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Hitachi problem

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Hi lcaillo,
I have recently bought a brand new Hitachi CP-WX3030WN projector from a friend who picked it up in USA on my behalf.
I live in Mombasa Kenya where we find very little in the way of technical help for anything more than changing a tyre on a small motorbike.
You can imagine what help I would get with a projector.
I previously owned the forerunner to the above projector and got many years good service from it.
This new projector has 300 hours on the clock.
Last week it started to shut down on it's own accord after around 2 hours use.
The power light would start blinking and the temperature light would come on and remain on.
I had to power it off from the wall socket to close down.
I would leave it for 20 minutes as instructed in the manual and try again.
The time between it shutting itself down got shorter and shorter.
Now it shuts down in less than 10 seconds.
I cleaned the filter first time it happened.
No visible dirt present.
Next time I actually washed and dried the filter before replacing.
Thought I had solved the problem.
Not so as it lasted 30 minutes and shut down again with the same above light signals flashing.
Reading the manual and checking forums I tried to change the fan speed but this model does not allow for that function.
I thought maybe the ambient temperature (30C) was too high so I put the fan a few feet away and tried again.
It lasted about a minute this time before it shut down again.
Is there anything you can suggest before I pull out what hair remains on my head?
Regards from Kenya
Aussie Mike
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The manual states the operating temperature range is 5C to 35C so it is theoretically still within its rated specification. http://www.hitachi.com.au/documents/dps/CPWX3030WN_brochure.pdf
Can you feel the fan running?
Almost a little embarrassed to write this but I am sure others have had or will come across this problem.
This will probably not apply to those living in the first world but for others in third world countries it may help.
Just before I was about to throw this projector out the window I thought just maybe the electricity supply may be the fault. I tried on another socket in a downstairs room and the problem disappeared.
It was the power supply!
Hope it helps others who experience the same.
Mike in Kenya
Please ignore the above.
Problem still existing.
Does anyone know where I can get a technician on the other end of a phone.
Happy to pay for successful consultation.
Can you tell if there is airflow? Might be a clogged or bad fan?
The airflow seems ok.
The problem seems intermittent.
One morning I get up and switch it on and it will last an hour.
Next day not even 1 minute.
Starting to suspect power supply.
Will test this morning voltage with a multimeter and get back to you.
Can't thank you enough for your support as this problem is driving me crazy.
Out of curiosity how temperament are projectors when it comes to voltage fluctuations.
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