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I found the adjust convergence button on the front of the TV, and am able to move the red line in to cover the green. The blue button is set off about "an inch" and will not move inward. The blue horizontal will move.

Is this something that can be accomplished by someone who can tear apart and fix a computer but who has no TV experience?

It seems to be a convergence issue, the blue/yellow shadow is more prevalent at some times in the picture. It is watchable, just annoying. It is a Hitachi Ultrascan HD, model 43FDX01B. Remote #CLU-572TSI (?)

This TV was free (thanks to my husband's boss). Seems the boss's daughter hooked up a video game to the TV, he caught her and took it away. He said he did not yank it out or anything, but after he disconnected it the color problem started.

If we have to pay for a repair, it's not too big a deal since the TV was free. But of course if I can handle it, all the better.

Thanks in advance for any help/guidance you can provide.

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The kit for your set is part#X480301 and is in stock at Tritronics and likely other Hitachi distributors. It will come with two upgraded ICs and an assorment of resistors.
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