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HLR4667W picture freeze with criss-cross green/yellow lines

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I've a 5 year old HLR4667W that was working great till about a few months ago. Initially, i would see picture freezing at times, but now its frequency is increasing to the extent that it's getting on our nerves. During the time of this picture lockup, audio seems fine. After a few seconds, the picture will go black, and then come back on. When in this freeze mode, i cannot switch sources, or operate anything.

Another thing that i noticed was when the TV is switched on, it works fine till about 30 mins ... and then the problem starts.

Here is a pic of the problem ... would -greatly- appreciate any help. I really don't want to spend another $1000+ this thanksgiving!

Oh, one more thing that i noticed recently. Normally when starting, i would hear a startup tone. I don't hear that anymore .. dunno if that'll help in troubleshooting.

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it's maybe the digital board thats messed up. please check out the listing for the hl-r6167w. your video doesn't look the same as we have seen. it maybe in the dmd board also. I am guessing it's one of the two. the first thing i would try is the digital board it can be bought from samsungparts.com and it cost 188 after you send in your old one for a 50 dollar core. you maybe able to find a used dmd board on ebay. but it's hard to find a good used digital board. If the digital board doesn't take care of the issue don't send back in your old board for the core charge. you can resell it as a working board for more then the core. that or they charge a 15% restocking fee if you return the new part. so it will cost you 35 dollars if that doesn't fix the issue. then you can order the digital board. even if you buy parts and have to pay a restocking fee it will still be less then paying a repair shop.
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I've never seen mine look like that before. Do you ever have any problems with the TV turning on?
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