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hlr5067w: image quality, freeze and blackout

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a helpful person recommended that i start a new thread on this topic.

i have seen many similar threads but no conclusion as to the problem source or solution.

i have a four year old hlr5067wax/xaa.

about a week ago the set began to show the following symptoms:
reduced frame rate
occasional green horizontal bar flash
image pixilation
image freeze
screen blackout (maybe for ten seconds)
reduced frame rate pixilated image would resume

set would cycle through image resume through blackout in about 30 seconds.

unplugging the set for a few minutes then powering up would fix the problem until next remote control
power down.

the lamp has about 8000 hours on it.

i don't know about sound as i don't use sound from the set.

in factory service mode the ddp1011 and dnie pattern tests passed with no issues that i could find.

i like the set and would like to get it working again.

if there is an experienced person that knows what is the problem and if there is an easy and economical way to fix it, please let me know about it.


charles burd
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Which inputs show the symptoms? Are menus affected?

You will need a lamp soon so figure that into the cost of ownership and repair.
thanks for your response.

i only use the hdmi and component video inputs.

the symptoms occur when using either input.
i dont remember about the menus.

i will check that when i get a chance.
Try other inputs and signal resloutions and see what happens.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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