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HLR6167WAX/XAA DNIe reflowed. worked for 4 months, now it's gone again

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I had the DNIe chip reflowed on my digital board (JD Electronics) back around new years. Though I lost my remote control sensor somehow when I plugged it back in, the picture worked fine until today. Now it's back to the old freeze... go black... turn off... turn back on, and repeat. I managed to get it switched over to a component input and there are wavy garbled lines, about 3 inches thick, vertically striped every foot or so. I did get the green plaid once. I unplugged everything for a while and then turned it on later. So far, it's behaving itself. I assume it's about to die again, however.

So... next step? Have JD reball it? New digital board? Dump the thing and buy a new LCD?

I was so excited that the reflow fixed it that I sprung for a new lamp. So now I have a couple hundred invested in this thing again. If I could know that $200 for a new digital board would buy me another few
years, I would do it in a heart beat. The tv has a newer color wheel as well.

Oh.. so I lost the remote when I plugged the board back in. Don't know if I missed a cable (don't see one) or put a cable in the wrong spot. Either way, I can't get to the service menu without a remote sensor, so replacing the digital board might be tough. So any help on getting that fixed first would be nice as well. :)

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If something is different from before a repair to after, something happened in the process. You likely either plugged something in the wrong place or something got damaged in the process. Far liklier to be the former.

I have been skeptical of these re-flow fixes for several reasons. If the initial installation of the chip did not hold up, it may have been a problem with impurities or physical relationship to the board. Reflowing will not necessarily help this. Just moving the board around can temporarily fix things.
So I plugged it in and tried it this morning. Instant freezing of the picture to black screen cycling.

So I'll call it broken. My logic (for whatever that's worth) says the initial problem had to be in the digital board or JD's fix would have done nothing. Whatever JD did made the TV work for 4 months. Now the tv is back to doing the exact same thing it was doing before I sent it to JD. So my logic says the problem is in fact the digital board, and JD's fix was only a bandaid. So then furthermore, I would expect purchasing a new digital board should get me another 3 years until the new board goes out.

Sound right?

The alternatives are sort of suspect:
1) It was something other than the digital board in the first place and circumstances surrounding the JD fix caused a collateral fix to that problem. I.e. the unplugging and replugging in of everything, the 1 month of inactivity, etc...
2) JD's fix is still working on the digital board, and something else has broken that causes the same symptoms.

It's option 2 that has me cautious. If that's the case, then spending $200 on a new digital board will be waste. I'll attempt to get the tv switched to the VGA input tonight to see if that still works. That should lean it even farther to being a problem on the digital board.

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If something is different from before a repair to after, something happened in the process. You likely either plugged something in the wrong place or something got damaged in the process. Far liklier to be the former.
I'm pretty sure you're right. Would anyone be able to help me out with the cable scheme? A picture of the board all plugged in, or just specifically the remote sensor cable, would be awesome.

Like I had said above, I think getting the remote sensor working again is a prerequisite to swapping the digital board since I'll need to get to the service menues.
Took me a good 15 minutes to get the tv to stay working long enough to get it switched to the VGA input. But now I'm 30 mins into Avatar off my laptop and not so much as a hiccup. So between JD's reflowing of the DNIe chip making it work for 4 months, and the VGA working fine now, that pretty much does it for me that it's the digital board. Sound right to you guys?

So would someone be able to give me a picture or schematic that shows me what the remote sensor cable looks like and where it plugs in? So maybe I can spot where my problem with the remote sensor is? Then I can get the settings off the service menu, and order a new digital board.
Most cables can only plug into one spot on the analog board. One cable can plug into many places but if you plug it into the wrong spot the tv won't power up. There shouldn't be many places for the remote cable to plug into the analong board. Maybe you miss plugging it in all together.
You wouldn't happen to have a picture of the board where I could see the remote sensor connector? Or could you describe where that connector is at on the board?
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