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OK, so I tried it out tonight.

I can hear the color wheel start up. I get the tone that indicates the lamp is starting up but the picture never shows up. I can hear the color wheel going and some other tones (hard to explain... computer sounds).

I swaped lamps again and no change. So it currently has the new bulb and the new ballast.
I would find out if your ballast has a warranty. I am guessing the new part went bad since your lamp never comes on. It also could be a bad DMD board but I am guessing it's your new part. Like the one time I bought a new fuel pump from the auto parts store and it was a bad part that only lasted a week. Plus I dont think It's a new part you bought since they don't make your model anymore. I am guessing It's a refurbished part. If they only replaced the parts that were bad they may of missed another failing part that tested good.
1 - 2 of 26 Posts
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