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HLS4266 Problems

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I have had this set for 3 years.

3 weeks ago, the picture suddenly got bad in that the colors were not overlayed correctly. I turned the set off and it would not turn back on. After trying for several minutes, the set would eventually stop trying and light the 3 LEDs on the front.

Reading the manual indicated that means that the bulb needs to be replaced. I purchased a new bulb and housing (verified correct part number) and installed it.

The set tried to turn the bulb on, failed and tried again. It succeeded in firing the bulb and the set came on. The picture was perfect.

After a few hours, the set made some sort of sound, and everything powered off. Trying to restart the set resulted in it trying to fire and eventually settling on the blinking 3 LEDs.

I contacted the vendor who I bought the bulb from and returned it. Today they informed me that the bulb tested perfectly and that something else was wrong.

Any ideas?

Thanks, John
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I really can't make a good suggestion here. Not being there to diagnose it myself, and not knowing if you have the right parts in it makes for too many variables.

I you were to call me to service the set, I would tell you to put the original parts in it and I would start from scratch troubleshooting it.

Sometimes, repairing these sets is not trivial even for an experienced tech.
Before you buy a new color wheel. I would suggest you Google “How to replace hls color wheel” fixyourdlp.com has a good guide. Do you have the skills for this? I would also suggest you wear thin cotton gloves when you handle the color wheel housing, to prevent contamination of the glass from the oil your fingers. try to spin the wheel should spin freely
There are two connectors on the housing one for the color wheel motor and one for the to the hall effect (RPM) sensor. Does it look burned or damaged?
Pictures tell a thousand words.

Tip: When troubleshooting Never assume anything!
Tip: When troubleshooting Never assume anything!

This is essential advice, but is rarely heeded and rarely understood by most DIYers and many techs. We make assumptions in everything we do, no matter how much we check and recheck. It is essential to understand that every conclusion we come to is based upon assumptions and determining where those assumptions are is hard for some people.

Things may seem to lead to a conclusion, but not having all of the facts and all of the related information and context is often a problem that catches up to even the best techs.
Update: I used the FixYourDLP guide and it was not difficult. I have the skills to do what was required. I was very careful with the color wheel and installed it last night. Patience is critical and I waited for my children to be out of the house for several hours before I took on the task.

I ran the set for about 14 hours. No noticable issues. I will install it back in it's place in the family room and hope for the best.
Congratulations! Glad to hear you had success.
Congratulations! Glad to hear you had success.
Well I had success 2 times before (bulb and ballast) but it was fleeting! Lets hope this is the true fix!

Thanks everyone for your help.
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