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I am new to REW, but not to music or audio. I just installed REW 4.10 on my Powerbook G4 running OS 10.4.11. After spending some time routing audio to prep for my test I followed the instructions to "check levels..." and an atrocious sound came out of my system (imagine if pink noise had been processed thru 64k mp3 compression and then hi-shelf EQed +6db at 3kHz) . Definitely NOT a sine wave. I thought to myself "eek, this is their level test signal?" I calibrated my dB meter and input level on my sound card all the while thinking "this cant be correct" So I opened the signal gen to sine wave, typed 100Hz, hit play and low and behold...not the SAME sound, but definitely NOT a sine wave. More like a sawtooth wave. The Pink and White noise sound fairly accurate. Anyone experience this issue? Is this just the way REW sounds??? Its hard for me to believe.

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