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I'm french, so excuse my poor english.
I build a home studio at home. My monitors are a couple of Yamaha H80.
I have some problems of acoustic.

I used REW to mesure th response in my room. Hereunder are 2 graphs (pre and post eq).

What do you think about it ?
Is it normal ?
What can I do to improve it ?

Pre eq:
Text Green Line Plot Diagram

Post eq:
Text Line Font Plot Pattern

Thank you for your feedback.


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A couple notes first.

The small floppy icon in the lower left corner of your graphs is used to create jpg plots of 800 bits wide suitable for posting.

Please use the vertical scale of 45dB - 105dB as the standard.

Always use a target for measuring of 75dBSPL.

I am surprised you're using equalization in a studio setting. I thought it was frowned on.

Are you not able to move your monitors around a bit to get a better response - rather than using EQ?

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