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Hello everyone,
I have a couple questions about setup of my home theater system that I just recently finished. I have been planning the system over the past several years and have been building it off and on over the past year. This is my first real home theater and I feel somewhat lost as what to do from here to get everything set-up properly. I have a couple specific questions and then a general, where to go from here question. My set-up is:

Marantz av7702mkII preamp
Emotiva XPR-2 for L and R speakers
Emotiva XPR-5 for center and 4 surround speakers
Emotiva XPA-5 for 4 in-ceiling (Atmos) speakers
Paradigm Prestige 95F for L and R
Paradigm Prestige 55C center
Paradigm Prestige 25S x4 for surrounds
Paradigm CI Elite E80-A x4 for ceiling (Atmos)
SVS PB13-Ultra sub

I know that this is very overkill, but its the system that I wanted to build :) My two specific questions are, when I run the Audyssey room calibration, it outputs test tones which are very loud. Could this damage the speakers by being too loud/too much power from the amps?

The second specific question is that I recently added a 4k television, the LG oled65e7p, to the system. I called a local company in Houston to come out and perform a professional calibration by an ISF certified specialist. The guy on the phone told me that they don't do calibration anymore because the tv's are being shipped with "good enough" settings and that it wasn't worth it to have it professionally calibrated. Should I try and find someone else to come out and calibrate things?

The last question involves where to go from here. Can the system be calibrated all together (television and audio) by someone or is there something I should do myself to help it sound and look its best?

Thanks in advance for any help!
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