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Hey All,

Would love some advice, I have 3 usage scenarios all are lacking low end:
* Monitoring Electronic Drum kit
* Home theater
* Music

Instead of buying, I thought I would reuse some gear I have in storage:
* 2 x Earthquake LS-15 15" Car Audio Subwoofers
* Studiomaster 700D amp

Ideally I want low end for home theater, but would still like some punch for kick drum when using drums.

I would also like to have smallest enclosure as I dont have much room :)

I think this is close to specs on the drivers:
300W RMS / 4ohm
Fs: 32.58
Qts: 0.465
Vas: 225.23

They used to be in a ported enclosure in the car which consumed most of the rear of the car. I dont really want an enclosure this large inside.

So I was thinking Sealed or Vented Cone to Magnet Isobaric Enclosure? that way I can wire the subs in series bring them to 8ohms then bridge the amp which will give 700W RMS into the 8ohm load.

Does this sound like the best idea? And if so what is best tool for calculating this type of enclosure.

Any help would greatly be appreciated :)

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Thanks for the reply.

I downloaded WinISD but could quite figure out what the aim is? Assuming adjust enclosure volume to keep response flat inside operational band?

Thanks for the tip on HPF, I have a bit of car audio gear around so I was going to use an active crossover to perform HPF and LPF on signal prior to feeding into amplifier.

Should the volume of the front enclosure be as small as possible? i.e just a little over the depth of the front driver.

So my target volume for rear enclosure is 6cuft (170L) assuming shape does'nt matter I would like to keep width just over 19" as the amp will be mounted in bottom of cabient.

What effect does adding filler into rear enclosure have on volume or is it just to dampen resonance?

I will post up a solidworks model before I create it.

Once again thanks for the help.

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I made a mistake in the above modeling. I forgot to halve the Vas when entering the parameters. The correction shows a stronger low end response. The tuning is 21 hz with two 4" ports 22.5" long each and power handling is 400 watts.

Should the volume of the front enclosure be as small as possible?
Yes, assuming your going for an inline configuration and not a clam shell design.

As long as the rear enclosure is 6 cu.ft. shape doesn't matter.

Adding polyfill or lining the walls of the cabinet will dampen the resonance.

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