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Several months ago I successfully completed the convergence repair on my Hitachi 51F500A. I did the grid adjustments to correct the convergence to an acceptable level without using a template (by eye). One thing that has remained however is the picture is too wide and I don't know how to adjust it. The picture runs off the screen on both sides and I can find no way to bring it in. I have seriously considered having the set professionally adjusted because it does have a nice picture now that the convergence issue is fixed and I know it could be better if it was adjusted properly.

2 questions - is there an easy way to do a horizontal width adjustment and what should I expect to pay to have this set properly adjusted?


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Do you have a service manual? That is where I would look to find out. There are many sources for manuals, some free and some for a small fee. They can be found in the stickies in the DIY repair forum and in the vendor listings.

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I do have the manual but the procedure wasn't real clear to me. I didn't want to screw anything up any worse. This is from the manual

Adjustment procedure
(1) Receive any NTSC signal.
(2) Press the SERVICE ONLY SW on DEF./CONV.
PWB and POWER to display DCU uncorrected
converge data.
(3) Locate the horizontal size VR (R711 on
POWER/DEF PWB). Adjust horizontal size to
the table below.
43” 870
51” 1020
57” 1140
Tolerance: ± 5mm
2.5 Horizontal size adjustment
Adjustment preparation
(1) The set can face east or west.
(2) Set video conditions to factory preset.
(3) The STATIC FOCUS adjustment should have
been coarse adjusted.
(4) Convergence should not be corrected.
(5) Start adjustment 20 minutes or more after TV is
turned on.
Units = millimeters
25.4mm = 1in.

Notes: (1) Once Normal mode Horizontal size adj. is
done. To restore old RAM data, turn TV off
and on.
(2) After adjustment, press SERVICE ONLY
switch to exit DCU crosshatch.
(3) H. SIZE adjustment is only done in
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