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Horn Sub Input Please - Build In Progress!

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I am in the process of layout/design of my new theater room. I am going to be using PI 4 Speakers for LCR, and PI 1 Speakers for Surrounds. I designed a set of OD Horn Speakers to compliment the LCR and surround speakers as flanking subs to tame room modes. So the frequency range is 50-200hz

Since this is my 1st attempt at Hornresp and Sketchup, I am looking for input on my design and folding before proceeding further. So there will be 7 total of these flanking subs the front 3 will be under the PI 4's and the 4rears will be under the surrounds in a column configuration. The will be driven with 20 watts RMS.

I will be using a miniDSP 10x10hd, and the plan is to cross the flanking subs, with there respective mains, as well as matrix the LFE channel to theses subs as well for frequencies above 50hz, and then use the Low LFE subs for everything under 50-60hz.

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Sorry for the delayed response.

I am new to horns and keep learning everyday. From what I have learned changing length and geometry will cause changes in your impulse and phase. Usually wanting close to a 90 degree phase shift in useable BW in a horn is what you are looking for with a 1 to -1 impulse response. SO that means you can have a 0 - 90 or +45 (-) -45 phase shift.

I have not had a chance to look at your design yet. I am currently building a cinema TH and will be building a 30hz TH soon.
Thanks for the response. I actually changed drivers and re designed the Front LFE subs. Here is a picture of the 1 watt SPL response, and a picture of the folding.

I am still also designing a rear sub, which will be under the seating riser, and will cover down to 10hz.


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I am horrible at trying to fold but it seems like a waste of space in your TH the center section. What is your L34?

How large is this design and what drivers are you using?(dual 12's)

I have seen so many TH designs that this reminds me of the dual Type R alpine 12" TH. What are you trying to reach with this horn extension wise?

There are a few designs out there that are designed around 16hz and play down to 12 just fine. I am building a TH now that is 4ft x 3ft x 2ft. It need a Hpass at 17/18hz but does everything up from there extremely well.
The response is around 15hz @ 102 db 1w/1m. The goal was good sensitivity, and good extension, I will be building a pair of the subs, and the will be placed between my main speakers behind my screen. They will blend in with a larger horn sub that will be built into the seating riser, which will be tuned to 10-11hz.

The overall size of the enclosure is 60cmX73cmX182cm, the drivers are dual 10" subs. It may look like alot of space, but actually I would only gain around 20cm of length if I redisgned and redrew it, which imho is not worth the effort, it fits the space I need it to, and has the response and extension that I was expecting.
Wow, over 100db below 20hz at one watt?! Subscribing to follow your progress!
That is corner loaded sensitivity though. Hope it responds as well when its built.
I have redone my Flanking Subs, using a Delta 10A driver, found it smoother, and fit into a slightly smaller package. Should work good I think!


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So FLH for the flanking subs and TH for the ULF sub?

How high are you going to use these flanking subs?

Your design looks good to about 400hz.
Yes, flanking subs will be used for 50-200hz+- depending on room modes, ULF tappered horns for <50hz. Trying a distributed sub setup to help room modes and elimanate or reduce use of PEQ filters.
I'll make you a deal.

You tell me what you are using to do the folds for your horns, and I'll help you tweak them.
I hates Sketchup!

But a deal is a deal.

What are you trying to maximize in your setup?

Overall I like your folds, very well done.

So what are you hoping to achieve in this setup of boxes?

SPL will be insane to say the least.
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Not so much looking for peak SPL, but to do a distributed sub setup to even out room modes and smooth out the frequency response without using PEQ filters, and to use low powered amps, like 20-30 watts a channel for reference level. The plan is to run into a miniDSP 10x10 which has crossover, matrix, and PEQ filters.

I will be matrixing the LFE signal and LCR channels with their respective flanking subs which will smooth out there midbass response. After the lower crossover point they will be LFE subs only, they will then cross with the ULF LFE subs which will be located 2 at the front and under the rear seating riser.
A quick bit of advice on the low frequency box.

This is to be a tapped horn I take it.

One thing you find in working in real rooms versus sim land is that a flat response in sim land will be greatly overblown in the real world. I have found that you can tailor the response of a sub to behave with a flat response in a real room.

The method used is to incorporate a bit of a falling response.
Advise taken, I am using 1/2 space sim in hornresp, so I assumed that would be close to in room...?
Music, home theater or both?

Home construction. You are using metric so I'm guessing you are not from the Us of A.

Homes constructed with timber framing behave a little differently to those done in blocks and bricks.

This will be one interesting room to be in that's for sure.
Dedicated theater room, and for music but I would say 80% movies. It is in a basement, framed inside of concrete walls, with Z channel and 5/8 drywall, also has concrete ceiling, so pretty solid.

I am in Ontario, Canada, and use imperial most of the time, but hornresp outputs metric so just going with the flow!
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