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Horn Sub Input Please - Build In Progress!

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I am in the process of layout/design of my new theater room. I am going to be using PI 4 Speakers for LCR, and PI 1 Speakers for Surrounds. I designed a set of OD Horn Speakers to compliment the LCR and surround speakers as flanking subs to tame room modes. So the frequency range is 50-200hz

Since this is my 1st attempt at Hornresp and Sketchup, I am looking for input on my design and folding before proceeding further. So there will be 7 total of these flanking subs the front 3 will be under the PI 4's and the 4rears will be under the surrounds in a column configuration. The will be driven with 20 watts RMS.

I will be using a miniDSP 10x10hd, and the plan is to cross the flanking subs, with there respective mains, as well as matrix the LFE channel to theses subs as well for frequencies above 50hz, and then use the Low LFE subs for everything under 50-60hz.

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ok thanks, just wanted to confirm, was getting ready to start to fold.
Is this what you mean with the throat/adpater plate?


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Yes and no.

There should be an open space in between the driver and the opening into the horn. As in a empty space 24.5 mm deep by 1090.32 cm^2. Then off of this empty space you punch your hole into the horn and voila, you get you beginning. This beginning has to be the very start of the horn, it cannot tap it from any other point along the horn path.
ok so it does not tap in at S1 it taps at the very start of the horn correct.
You win the golden cookie award.

Any flavor you like. I'll email it to you :D
ha thats good news, i can follow instructions....lol
Do I have to move it up though 12mm the thickness of the panel?
You are worrying about a half inch path length!

Not a problem. You might even get a 1/4 hertz lower tuning!

Yes sleepy and silly!

I get up early. Work hard and go to bed.
ha okay thanks just wanted to confirm, hope to have a drawing by morning
1st draft of folding.


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If you put duct take on all those holes around the bends it might work! :D

I just had to do it!

Looks very well thought out.

What are you going to put over the mouths? You could make a grate similar to those used on hardwood floors. Or if you are up on supplies you could get a steel grate.

Because mid movie, with special effects, T-rex and all one of those mouths might just swallow a chair or two! :yikes:

I would pay lots of money to watch that.

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Yes the plan was to make up a grate to fit in. More worried about losing my kids in there.
Keep in mind that those graceful curves need only be approximated with angled reflectors. In a bass horn an angled reflector is actually preferred over a curve. you don't want to be reproducing midrange frequencies out of a bass horn, and the flat reflectors help to knock them down acting as a natural filter.

And I complement you on the nice compact fold. Nice to see someone thinking in terms different from what is normally offered. The snail folds do not give a person to much room for proper flare expansion. This type of fold will get you a better sound.
Yes agreed on the reflectors. Do you recommend using insulation or sound dampening in the corners and inside the rear chamber?

Hope to get revision 2 drawn up today.

Also thinking again on those flanking subs, I will probably use the dual driver version at the front for the LCR channels and use the single version for the surround channels.

Thought being better transient response and a better match to the sensitivity of the 4pi main speakers
The dual driver configuration can be done with either woofer mounted on both sides of the beginning of the horn. Same as you did for the ULF horn, but on both sides.

As for the Pi speaker keeping up, I'm not so sure. A direct radiator never has the same type of sound.

If you have already purschased the Pi speakers then great. They are pretty good speakers.

If you are going to purchase the Pi's, there are other ways of doing it.

Specifically doing it in a manner that will be much more dynamic.

Depends on your woodworking skills. And the time you have available.
Not purchased yet, what do you recommend?
How many channels of your MiniDSP are used in this setup?
Got space can go active crossover.
DO more complex horns scare you?

No insult intended in the next question.

Do you have the woodworking chops to build cabinets?
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