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How can I eliminate humming noise from Behringer NU1000DSP based DIY subwoofer?

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I'm building a pair of subwoofers for my home theater based on the mentioned amp. As soon as I turn on the amp I get a lot of humming noise. I did some Google research and learned that a unbalanced/balanced converter can eliminate noise. I also browsed some Pro audio websites and found a hum eliminator for less money but the connectors are quite different and I need some answers to my questions before I decide for one or the other.

The main differences are:
1) the unbalanced/balanced converter has both RCA and XLR inputs and outputs while the hum eliminator has only TRS inputs and outputs
2) the unbalanced/balanced converter works with electricity while the hum eliminator is passive
3) the unbalanced/balanced converter cost 2 or 3 times more money than the hum eliminator

The questions are:
1) will there be any noticeable differences in audio quality between converter or eliminator?
2) if I decide for the hum eliminator, can I use TRS to RCA adapters on the hum eliminator and XLR to RCA adapters on the Behringer so I can use RCA cables to connect both?

Thanks in advance for reading my thread.
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Humming can be caused by several different things so it may be a trial-and-error process to fund the culprit. Do you have cable TV by chance? If so, an in-line ground loop isolator like this might help. 3 prong electrical cords can also contribute to that problem. Often times you can eliminate the hum using a 2 prong converter like this on the amp.
Thanks for the reply. I don't have cable tv, but will try the 2 prong converter and let you know. Anybody else has any cheap ideas beside the 2 prong converter?
I finally fixed the problem with a cheap car audio noise supressor. Pyramid model NS-20 to be precise. Thanks everybody for your help and for reading my post.
After a few hours of listening I noticed that the noise supressor degraded the audio so I removed it. I wonder if a unbalanced/balanced converter or hum eliminator can do the job without sound degradation.
These aren't cheap but they are god like in what they do with zero degradation of the signal! I've used them for years with the Behringers (EP4000 and NU4x6000), FP14000 Clone and with the MiniDSP 2x4 and Samson S-Convert inline. -

Jensen Sub1RR
Thanks for the suggestion, you've been very kind but, since this device is more expensive than the unbalanced/balanced converter I would like to know how do they compare. If the difference is not that big I'll pick the unbalanced/balanced converter instead. I would also like to hear more suggestions.
I got rid of the noise with better adapters and cables. I changed the mono TRS/RCA adapters for stereo TRS/RCA adapters and I changed the Y RCA adapter + stereo RCA cable to one whole long Y RCA adapter with better shielding and now I have no noise even with the two amps at full volume with no audio source playing.
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