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How do I create and save a Hard-Knee curve?

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How do I create and save a Hard-Knee target curve?

Hope I don't sound too dense here:hide:.I understand the concept of how you want to find the difference at say 80hz and 30hz and use that number for your slope,but for the life of me I can't find out what you do with this number?Lets say for example I have a 6db difference that I want for my slope,how would I make this target curve??I go into settings-house curve and there is a place to browse for a file,but don't I have to create a target curve file first?Hope I explained myself properly,guess I just want to know how to make that hard knee target line once I have the number I want to use for my slope:scratchhead:
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You create a notepad text file with your house curve defined and save it in your computer.

Perhaps you missed the house curve section when you read the REW HELP files.


For a house curve with the figures you've indicated, the text file would be:

30 6.0
80 0.0

A hard knee file would be more elaborate, with entries between the 30 and 80 figures. The hard knee article describes how to do it (I assume you've already seen it). Alternately, you could simply use REW's logarithmic interpolation feature.

Aaaa....THANK-YOU soooo much.Somewhere in my reading and searching I missed the part where you save it as a notepad text file:coocoo:
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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