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How do you find your way here without having a problem with equipment first?

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I'm not generally a smart aleck, but it seemed to me to be a good way to get some light attention to my first post. I prefer to avoid the boring thread titles when I post. I figure it's easier to find instead of searching through all the "HELP, MY TV BROKE!" threads.

I WILL be posting one of those threads, that's why I'm here. I'm no tech, I'm not even a novice. Electronics and I just usually don't get along ( ask my Sony receiver with the busted speaker balance circuit board ). I only had a light interest in soldering and electronics in high school. I am, in fact, an electronics hack. There, I said it. :dumbcrazy:

That said however, I'm never against learning or trying. I know my limits, but I want to undertstand the "why's" and "how's" instead of blindly going to a repairman and saying "fix it, it broken!"

I wish I had more interest in electronics repair instead of automotive repair ( my real hobby ). My grandfather owned and operated a small TV repair shop out in a tiny town in western MN until he was 88. He fell off the second rung of a ladder after installing an antennae for a nice lady in town and that was the end of it for him. He's 93 now and sharp as a tack. Love my grandpa! I however, never got any hands on from him in all the days I spent in his shop. I wish I had. Gotta be a decent side business for some of you guys picking up broken electronics off craigslist and reselling them for a small profit ( that is, if you have the gumption to do it after a day of staring at tiny solder points ).

I need a "guy" in electronics in my area. I can't seem to find him, though I'm sure he's out there somewhere ready to take my money and make me happy again.:wave:

See, I got this great deal on a rear projection TV ( haven't heard that line on this site EVER!, I'm sure of it! ) and after 3 months, I got it back and it's broken again. After calming down from seeing red, I decided to do some research and find out if this old TV is worth the trouble. I've already spent 350 getting the original problem fixed, and I think I probably paid more than I should have for the repair. I want to call the guy back and tell him what the new problem is, but have you ever drug an old Rear Projection screen out of a basement? Yikes!

So, I'm here on a fact gathering mission and I'm hoping/assuming I'll find them here. I may even stick around for a while and offer condolences to other TV owners that are fit to be tied over their TV viewing woes.:explode:

Cheers! Mike
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Welcome to Home Theater Shack!

Howdy redfury and welcome to the Shack!

We hope you enjoy your stay... :T


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Re: How do you find your way here without having a problem first?

Welcome to the Shack!
Re: How do you find your way here without having a problem first?

Hello Mike, Welcome to the Shack. I'm sure we can help you out.
Welcome to the Shack! I specialize in "whys" and "hows," especially with televisions.
Hi Mike Welcome aboard!

Leonard who posted above ^^ is the guy to ask so all you need to do is let us know in this area of the forum what the brand and model number of your set is and I am sure we can at least give you a better idea as to what you may need to do.

Enjoy your stay with us here at the Shack.
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