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Been wrestling with my soundscard (thanks to brucek for help) and it seems that my card hardware/driver does not support muting the input levels in sound mixer e.g., in properties section of the playback mixer and the recording mixer there is only 1 sound level slider bar. this is causing a feedback loop that makes my coundcard calibration look like a sine wave with increasing frequency.

so my question is, while i know calibration is important and i use it with my mic, how important is it for the soundcard? i'm using the spdif out to my receiver if that makes any difference in quality of the signal. are modern soundcards fairly flat or do they need a lot of correction?

to make the analysis more specific, is it worth buying a new outboard soundcard?


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The reason for the soundcard calibration step is not just to correct for the soundcard response (though of course it does that) but to make sure there are no internal feedback/monitor paths active, which corrupt the measurements and render them worthless. There will be a way to turn off the monitoring in your setup, but it may only be accessible through the control panels in the card manufacturer's software.
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