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EDIT***actually disregard this, in the picture the speakers looked much larger then they really are, didnt realize they were so small.

saw this deal and wondering what your opinion is. I know most likely it will get knocked down as its way under $1000 type of system and its HTIB, but figure I would see what you guys thing anyway since newegg is having a sale.

Newegg - Klipsch HD 300 5.1 Theater system + Yamaha 5.1 RX-V367 receiver + Yamaha YDS-11SL iPod dock - $399 + FS + $33 tax (CA, TN, NJ only)


-Klipsch HD 300 Compact 5.1 High Definition Theater system
-YAMAHA 5.1-Channel Digital Home Theater Receiver RX-V367
-YAMAHA - iPod Dock for select Yamaha AV products (YDS-11SL)

$399 + FS. Tax + $33 Tax (CA, TN, and NJ only)

Depending on your needs, it might work. The range is kind of limited, but if you are limited to volume or range, then its still not a bad deal.

I'm just not sure if a AVR can cross that high. Not sure if you can cross higher then 120hz, and the ones you posted can only do 150hz. So, they would probably be missing a little, and the sub would need to be front and center to sound decent at all.

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I agree with Turner. Moreover, most Subwoofers do not work well when outputting at 150hz.
Another thing I am not a huge fan with Klipsch's Packages is that they use Spring Clip Speaker Terminals. This also includes the larger packages.
What is the max Budget?
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