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How to best use REW to balance drivers

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I have recently changed drivers from stock in my speakers. I would like to ensure the tweeters, mid and woofers are set at a proper level relative to each other. How do I use REW to achieve this kind of calibration?

I do have the ability to attenuate the mid and tweeter.
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Are you talking about the 60Hz WRT that low aberration on the mid?
I'm sure that's noise not worth worrying about, since it's line frequency (AC) I wonder what's picking it up...
I just found a few threads addressing how to properly gate results. Thank you for the tip on how to take the readings we need.
I'd love to learn more about this without harassing Bruce... could you post a link to the thread(s) you found? I've already gone through the help files again (which helped) but I feel I need more...
Thanks... Now I gotta make time for more reading/playing!:hissyfit:
1 - 3 of 34 Posts
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