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Ok, thanks. Still trying to get my head around the IB thing and couldn't fill in the blank myself. Do you think an EP1500 could power 4 of these or would you need an EP2500?
I modeled 4 IB15s in WinISD. Using an 18hz high pass and they reach max excursion at 20hz with 563 watts using a 16hz high pass they need 430 watts. Pretty sure an ep1500 would be over kill. But it gives you room to grow. You can power all 4 of them from one channel, and if you want to add 4 more later the other channel of the ep1500 can handle them :) You could probably power all 4 of them from an O-audio or pe 500w plate amp.

Depending on how tight your budget is will determine what amp you want. Don't forget with a pro amp like that you'll need something to act as a high pass filter. The plus side of the AE IB15s is for a pretty good response you don't really seem to need an eq, although I'm sure it would help alot to make up for in room dips. That is the nice thing about the plate amps, they usually have a high pass built in. But the negatvie is alot of them have low end boost that can change the cone excursion down there. You could buy my o-audio 500w bash amp, wanting to upgrade to an ep1500 :bigsmile:

You can also post over in the AE forums, Simon5 and John are pretty helpful. You can give them your specific goals, room layout, budget etc and they can give all sorts of details about how the IB15 will perform and what gear will bring the most out in it for you.
1 - 4 of 30 Posts
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