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How to figure out which wires are front and rear

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I just moved to a new place which is surround sound wired, however none of the wires are marked whether they are FL or FR or RL or RR. I would appreciate if you know a way I can figure it out, I am a non-techie so detailed way to figure out would be much appreciated.

Also Front Right means facing the TV or Receiver it is on the right or does it mean right of the TV or receiver (meaning standing juxtaposed )

Thanks much !
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Hook up one at a time and listen, or use a battery to "bump" the speakers.
what does use a battery to bump the speaker mean ?
Well, connecting on the speaker end should be obvious, assuming the wires are run to specific Right, Center, Left, Surround locations. Hook up your speakers, being sure to pay attention to polarity.

Then, on the other end, take a battery and connect one wire to the + and the other to the -. At that point, you should be able to hear a slight pop or buzz when you connect and disconnect the battery.

...or, you can just hook it up to your receivers channels, run a test tone, and note what channels are firing up (if your Right Surround fires up when it should be your Left Front, switch it).
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Welcome Salim. If you have an ohm meter, you can twist one set of wires' ends together, then find the set of wires on the other end with the low ohm reading. Then untwist the identified wires and repeat for each set of wires until you have marked them all. Have fun, Dennis
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