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I have REW v 5,19 Beta installed on an old Macbook Pro 2013, running OS X 10.9.5. My audio interface is a Motu 8A which has 16 analog ins/outs. In my REW version, under "Input Device", there are no other options than to select "8A" or "default input" (which are inputs 1-2 on the Motu, I presume). Specifically, I am trying to get REW to listen to analog input 3 from the Motu, for the soundcard calibration, loopback procedure. Is there a workaround for this? Ofc I could just use either input 1 or 2, but I find it a bit of a hassle getting behind switching cables around and I have input 1 and 2 reserved for my preamps.
The sine tone loopback signal path is created (I can see analog input 3 receiving a signal in the Motu discovery app) and i hear the sine tone from the output, but the input meter in REW is not responding to it.

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