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How to Reset Protection System on A/V Rcvr

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I have a Marantz SR8002 A/V Receiver. I plugged in a mini-jack to the Aux 1 Input while it was hot and triggered the protection circuit, shutting off the receiver. I've done some basic resets and tried a couple I saw online, but the display on the front of the receiver is still off. Everything but the display works fine; it's just the hyperactive protection circuit getting in the way. Anyone know the fix?
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Usually by unplugging the unit for 30 min will reset it.
What, exactly, did you connect to it?
I plugged in my computer audio output, and you know how it can make a buzz as the contacts are inserted on a mini-phone plug.

I think I've unplugged it for a few minutes; I'll try 30 minutes and see how that works.

Thanks for the feedback; I'll let you know how that goes.

Update: Unplugging didn't do anything. I've tried key sequences Multi+Speakers A/B [from the manual] and Pure Direct+7.1 Ch Input+M-Dax (or Clear) with and without Enter +++
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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