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i'm a new user of REW but I would like to superpose graphs to compare them directely, is it possible ? i can't find how to do this, each time I make a new measure, REW makes me a new graph, that's fine but if I could superpose the different results, it shouls much more easy to me .

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No, but there are 2 ways you can get a measurement that can serve as a target. One is to connect the subwoofer output of your receiver to the soundcard input, so that you measure the electrical signal, which should track the target response perfectly (once you tweak the trace level to suit). The other is to generate a filter set to match the sub crossover filter (2 low pass filters at the crossover frequency), export the impulse response of that filter set then reimport it as a measurement. Measuring the sub output directly is easier to follow :)
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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