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We live in a small apartment and unfortunately, a full surround does not really work in our situation. I was just wondering how to use a soundbar with my projector.

The reason I ask is the projector (and components like PS4 and Xbox) are in the back of the room, but the soundbar (and all inputs/outputs) would be in the front of the room (the opposite of the projector).

Is there a way to keep my components (PS4, Xbox, and the like) in the back of the room? The way the room is designed, there is not really a way to put any of the components in front. I really can only put a soundbar in the front.

Here are my questions:

1. Is there a soundbar that is designed for a projector with a "breakout AV box" in the back?


2. Can I use the soundbar in the rear instead of in front?

Thanks for your help! I know this is a weird setup.

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small apartment and unfortunately, a full surround does not really work in our situation
I'll challenge this claim. What's the excuse?
If it's a bigger room than my bedroom. You can fit an avr In it. what's the layout?

2. You can but shouldn't. The audio experience will be backwards and from the wrong direction. Dialog will be behind rather than infront.

You would use multiple long hdmi cables.

The only other logical solution and this is what I recommend always. Av receiver back of room. And the speakers in the front using wires.
This means you can use shorter hdmi cables from the devices to the receiver and from the receiver to the projector. And this results In a far better audio experience for your enjoyment.

Now you can enjoy the audio experience greatly!
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