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Howdy y'all...

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I, too, am an audio junkie... studio side of things more so than home theater.

I am a freelance Producer and Engineer by trade. I moved back to the Seattle area two years ago having spent some 5 years engineering in Nashville, TN and then serving a 2 year stint as house engineer for a private studio in Northern California.

My most recent endeavor is what specifically brought me to this sight. I am in the early stages of designing and building my own mix room and recording studio, hoping to break ground in the early spring. This is a ground-up project and I'm looking to build a control room something along the lines of a Hidley room. Very interested in finding vendors of the materials I'll be needing, paritcularly for deadsheets, mineral wool, etc.

That's it for now, my 17 month old son requires my assistance opening his box of raisins...

Onward and upward,
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Hi Chris, Welcome to the Shack!

Enjoy your stay with us.
Chris, welcome to HomeTheaterShack. So glad that you joined us.
Hello Chris,
Welcome to the Shack.
Welcoem Chris. Have Fun. Dennis
Hi Chris and welcome..
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