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Re: Who are we?

Hows it going my peeps.

My name is Bobby Becker, I was born and raised in Pittsburgh Pa. I have had a nice journey into the audio world, of course a few bumps on the way ;-) . I first got into audio listening to Phil Collins, Deep Purple, etc on my dad's old Philips/Magnavox system. Once I was old enough I took a part time position at Best Buy for the Christmas season and was officially hooked. I bought a Awia DV-67 ?? receiver that was 120w x 2 and 60w x 2 with Dolby Digital decoding. Remember them Divx players, yeah I had one of the Toshiba ones from Circuit City, and Pioneer 2way bookshelf speakers. My first sub was the JBL PB12 which I blew 6 years after purchase.

About four years ago my audio soul searching took a huge detour to the world of PCs. I started at PTI (Pittsburgh Technical Institute) for multimedia design. While there I took on the role of Site Administrator for ModdersHQ.net I did this for two years until the site unfortunately closed down. I hung in limbo between AVS and Audioholics, but wasn't happy with either. A good friend Phil M (also a mod here) suggested I come here. Well two minutes in cahoots with Sonnie and here I am a moderator for the HTPC, Computers and Related.

If you must know here is my current system and also a list of KIAs and MIAs


Viewsonic N3260w 32in LCD HDTV
Yamaha RX-V1300
Sony DVP-CX995v
Definitive BP7006tl front L/R
Definitive Pro Monitor 200 (suurounds)
DIY Vifa MTM Kit Center (Madisound)
DIY Dayton RSS315-HF Sub with 500w PE Bash amp (LFE)
Radioshack Gold, Monster, and Dayton Cables


Pioneer VSX-608D (gave to my grandparents)
Sony STR-DE845 (handed down to my bro)
Sony DVP-CH80 5-Disc DVD/SACD (again handed down to my bro)
Pioneer Bookshelves (pair given to bro for surrounds)
Yamaha NS-?? Center (my bro is lucky huh?)
Yamaha YST-SW315 (again my bro now owns)
Awia DV-67 Receiver

Theres more but it's too old or can't remember..

My current path in life is to be in the IT Networking field. I have my A+ Certs and I am working towards my MCP and CCNA certs too. I have built three PCs and own two right now. I have been into this since I was young, like 10-12 years old. Other interests are going to the mall, shop for movies, hang out at bars, go to the pistol range and more. I love hard metal and rock. My favorite bands are Tool, A Perfect Circle, HIM, Nine Inch nails, Rob Zombie, Slipknot, Deftones, Crazytown, Yeah yeah yeahs, Panic! at The Disco, Twisted Method, System of a Down, Staind, Rammstein, Trapt, Lacuna Coil, Evenesence, and more...

http://www.myspace.com/khellandros66 is my Myspace, I hang there if you have one too don't hesitate to add me. Just let me know who you are and where I know you from.

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