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HT Carpet in and finally measured! Thoughts??

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Ok, well I finally got carpet in the HT. I have 4 SI HT18s (one in each corner). Each 12 cubes tuned to around 17hz.

My build thread is below for anyone that wants to see the room layout.

I broke out the Umik-1 and got to work. First off xt32 had it kinda jacked up so I of course used the Inuke DSP3000 DSP to get it "perfected". XT32 also kept getting the sub distance wrong and put a null at the crossover... A HUGE null. I adjusted the phase (using distance) and fixed it. Bottom line you can't count on room correction to get everything right. It sounds light years better.

So anyways... How does my waterfall look? It looks very good IMO from 20k down with a great decay (not pictured), below is only the sub of course. However 35hz and down I think needs more bass trapping? Thoughts? I took measurements cranked up to 110db as well, just didn't take pics... still had plenty of headroom and not close to clipping.

Ohh and yes I set the high pass (thanks LTD) around 16 hz but room gain is kicking it!

Sorry I was in a hurry and taking so many measurements I should have used the capture button instead of taking photos.

I zoomed out to 800ms to see what was happening below 35hz

Is that a decent waterfall?
What is considered really good decay time down low? I know it's not easy to control very low Frequencies. I am using my stage as a bass trap and also have a roll of insulation on top of each front corner sub.

Here's 200hz an up for the center....this one does have smoothing (I'm not at home so I cant play around with REW).

It looks like I'm down 25db in the first 120ms. I need to check out the rt60 tab tonight.

This was a 60hz xover with smoothing.. this was me settling on a distance. Yellow was xt32 setting with smoothing.. 12db down at the bottom....sounded horrible.

I probably do need to spend more time with REW tweaking. I kinda rushed through things some. I definitely need to underlay sub and main spl and make sure I'm not getting any deconstructive response around the crossover.
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A 3-400 ms window on the waterfall would be more telling. If you can get the signal fading down to 35 dB in that range, you’re doing really good. :T

BTW waterfalls have no value above ~300 Hz.

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