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Well, i think as the jMan, the tech you've selected is potentially of a very refined list of innovations. I have NOT listened to the newest KEF technology, since this is a speaker builder that is always spoken of in high appreciation e.g. great reviews.
With regard to KEF my only suggestion is: Do Not buy without first listening to and reading the reviews for the recent addition of the "LS50 Meta" not the new LS50. Steve Gutenberg the Audiopheliac on YouTube does a great comp with nice B&W speakers (my preferred speaker co.)

If i were in the market i would try listening to the LS50Meta first off.

And in consideration of SVS i have listened to zero of their products. But i have read many of this speaker builder's early posts here on Home Theater Shack (HTS). Eminently knowledgeable speaker builder and as honest as God itself. i have always been impressed with the willingness to share his knowledge as well. I do not believe he would make anything that was not the best value and sound quality at every price point.

But again you are wise to make all efforts to actually hear your choices..., in your home is best, if possible. Making sure to listen to some ideas about setup specifics e.g. distance from side walls and esp back walls.

Bottom line: if you ever get a chance to listen to the LS50 Meta - i wish you would let us know here at HTS
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