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Hi all,

I'm looking at upgrading my current HT system (KEF E305). I had swapped the subwoofer that came with it for an SVS PB-2000 and aside from the re-energized bass, it's just not doing it for me (upgradeititis?!).

Given the fact that I live in Canada (and that the exchange rate is not fantastic), both options below are roughly the same price. Looking for some direction / help on which of the following options offers the best bang for the buck. My budget for the 5.0 system is maximum $1,800 CAD.

Option 1 (from a local dealer) - $1,400 CAD
Front : KEF Q500 Towers ($600 CAD/ pair)
Center : KEF Q200 Center ($400 CAD)
Surround : KEF Q100 Bookshelves ($400 CAD/pair)

Option 2 (direct from SVS) - approx. 1,305 CAD to 1,885 CAD
Front : SVS Prime Bookshelves ($500 USD/ pair = $580 CAD / pair) or Prime Towers ($1000 USD/ pair = $1,160 CAD / pair)
Center : SVS Prime Center ($350 USD = $410 CAD)
Surround : SVS Prime Satellites ($270 USD/ pair = $315 CAD/pair)

The system is powered by a Denon AVR-X4000 and is mainly used for movies and sports in a 16'x12'x9' room (seating position is 13 feet from the TV).

I'm already an SVS fan and a KEF fan (somewhat) because of the PB-2000 and my current system, however I want to make sure that I'm getting the best value. Also, the local dealer doesn't have the KEF's setup for auditioning (apparently due to too much Boxing Week shopper traffic). I would love to audition both (I know that SVS extends their bill of rights to Canada) but the local dealer would not refund an opened / used system. I would only get an in-store credit.

Looking forward to your recommendations and sorry for the lengthy post! Any other recommendations are most welcome.

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