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Good morning everyone! I stumbled upon this forum looking into possible options for my DIY subwoofer retrofit I was working on, and found it very useful, so I joined! As my first post I pose a question to those audio / electronics gurus out there.

I have picked up an older Acoustic Research AR 108PS 8" Subwoofer and replaced the amplifier board with a Velleman Discrete 200W mono amp as the existing one was toast. After switching out the Amp, the sub played only as a loudspeaker, so I added a PASSIVE low pass filter rated for 50Hz. Since I had installed said items, I get alot of woofer extension / movement, but very little sound. The amp board gets really hot after about an hour of use... Does anyone have some ideas to how to get my Sub thumping properly? I can provide pictures and whatnot soon. Thanks for the help in advanced!

If you want thumping you need a much higher crossover frequency.

I would suggest starting with no crossover and measure the frequency response of the amp/woofer combination and then decide where to go with the crossover.
1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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