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HTPC: mini-ITX PSILE (JNC81 motherboard, 125w PSU, 64GB SSD, 5TB SATA ADDONICS, Win7 x64, 1616M self-powered)
GUI: J. River MC14
Audio & Video formats: FLAC/APE/MKV/DVD
Preamp: Peachtree Nova
Power Amp: Eastern Electric 6BM8 power amp (8 watts)
Speakers: Omega 3i & Demp Hemp Sub
Cables: Yacco, StereoVox, & Clear Day cables
Blu-Ray: Oppo BDP-83
Tuner: Pro-Ject Tuner (mini)
Remotes: Gryation LCD & iPhone 3GS (Rivermote & Intelliremote apps)
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