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"Moved to PC Section"

OK, long time stalker um I mean listener and uh yeah... To the point :)

Over the years I've collected much equipment, mostly used and dated but still good stuff. After several moves from one side of the country to another and a divorce I am finally in a position where I can piece together a modest HT room. I would very much like to use my PC which is a fairly stout rig and a "yet to be built" server pc working together to function as a HTPC that would control most of my media in digital form. I really need step by step instructions on how to (A) figure what software I need and (B) set this up to work as a media server and PC gaming rig. I have literally 2 terabytes of high quality audio files plus probably 400 hours of reel to reel stuff, hundreds of LPS that I want to rip and a few gigs of standard def movies, but I would love to find a way to rip my BluRay stuff as well. Along with all of that is there a way integrate media steaming (Netflix, Amazon, Tidal ect)?

I know of KODI, I've found it not very user friendly for set up but that's probably because I am an idiot. I am not afraid to purchase a piece of software but if I do, I want it to be functional and user friendly.

The biggest challenge I have found in the past is finding a way stream my media with high quality audio. As previously mentioned, I have a good bit of equipment but some if it is aging some. Here is my list of junk currently set up in my HT room.

Preamp: Emotiva UMC-1 (Currently in use)
Premap: Marantz 8801 (New in box sitting in closet)
Amp: Emotiva UPA-700 (2 channels used)
Amp: Emotiva XPA-5 (in use)
Amp: Behringer NX-3000D (VBSS subs)
Amp: Berringer I-Nuke 3000DSP (Back-Up)
Power Cond.: Panamax 5300 (x2)
BluRayUHD: Panasonic UB820 UHD (new)
BluRay: Sony***800 Bluray (still in use)
Laser Disk: Marantz LV510 (in use)
CD: NAD T585 (in use)
LP player: Audio Technica LP-120USB (in use)
Cassette: Marantz PMD505 (in use)
Cassette: Akia HX-R41 (back up)
Reel to Reel: Akia GX-4000D (in use)
Projector: Sony VPL-HW45ES (in use)
PC: AMD Threadripper: Asus ROG Strix-850, Shaphire Nitro RX-570 8gig, 8 Terabytes of drive space on windows 10.
Speakers: DIYSoundGroup Titans front stage, Volt 8's surrounds and 4 VBSS subs.
Game Console: X-box One (waiting to upgrade) (in use)

I know it's a lot to take on but is anyone willing to lay it all out for me?

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I have a Quantum Access Mini PC Stick connected directly into my Sony STR-DN1080 receiver via HDMI. I purchased the Dolby Atmos and DTS:X apps which can be loaded onto all your desktops, laptops, and PC sticks for life. Setup is a breeze for both apps. You can flip between the 2 apps and Windows audio settings by right clicking on the speaker icon near the taskbar clock.

Wow, I deleted all of my 24hr race pics. You are going to force me to turn the stick on and update. I can't remember if I turned the stick on in 2020!

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