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HTS-X2 - an experimental N8 reflective screen mix

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We have a number of experimental mixes in development; one that has been designated HTS-X2 has recently been tested by 1canuck2 and he will be adding info and photos to this thread.

HTS-X2 is part of a family of mixes that will run from N9 to ~N7.6. The paints used in these mixes are readily available in many, if not most, areas of the U.S. and Canada. Basically, a N6 gray paint is added to regular Cream&Sugar™ to get darker shades.

HTS-X2 is a N8 reflective screen mix.

This is the mix that will be called Elektra™ N8.
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Uh, dumb guy alert. You are going to have to explain a little more clearly what you want me to do... sorry :(
the measurements you have taken are with the colorimeter pointing at the screen.

what Mech has asked for is for a second set of measurements with the colorimeter pointing directly at the PJ. the second set is used as a baseline measurement and helps us see if the screen is causing a color push.

i have an i1 display and it freezes when taking direct readings from the screen. hopefully you dont have the same problem.
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