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HTS-X2 - an experimental N8 reflective screen mix

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We have a number of experimental mixes in development; one that has been designated HTS-X2 has recently been tested by 1canuck2 and he will be adding info and photos to this thread.

HTS-X2 is part of a family of mixes that will run from N9 to ~N7.6. The paints used in these mixes are readily available in many, if not most, areas of the U.S. and Canada. Basically, a N6 gray paint is added to regular Cream&Sugar™ to get darker shades.

HTS-X2 is a N8 reflective screen mix.

This is the mix that will be called Elektra™ N8.
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No problem. I also painted a piece of hardboard. It is about 10" x 10". I know people have already sent you samples, but would you like it? It came in handy when fine tuning the size/position of the projected image and checking for spill over.
Thanks John! That would be great! I'll PM you my mailing address. :T
Sounds good. I'm hoping to paint a 24" x 54" piece of BOC and ship it to someone who would like to do photo side by side comparisons. If mech or anyone else who has a full BW screen interested in doing this let me know. Either way I'll ship a 11"x8" piece to you, Harp and umr. Should even be interesting to see how umr and your results compare.
P2 - I don't think I ever told you that I received your sample. I did. I'll be getting some readings from it tomorrow or early next week. :T

I home depot I can find Behr #1850 but not Behr #1854 anymore. They have Behr #1856.

Can I use Behr #1856 instead of Behr #1854?

Behr #1850:
http://www.homedepot.ca/webapp/wcs/...l&recN=118411 4294965117&N=0&Ntk=P_PartNumber

Behr #1856
http://www.homedepot.ca/webapp/wcs/...l&recN=118411 4294965117&N=0&Ntk=P_PartNumber

Thanks, K
That is a really good question, and I wish I had a good answer, but it seems it's more complicated than that. Behr seems to be phasing out it's older line of interior enamel paints in favor of it's new ULTRA line that is supposed to cover better. The older paints start with 18xx and the newer ULTRA paint start with 17xx. In the case of the N6 paint for making Elektra™ it doesn't matter which series is used since so little actual paint needs to be added to color the total mix. If you can't get #1854 I would look for #1754.

The problem seems to be a difference between Behr paints sold in Canada and the ones sold in the U.S.. There is a good chance that the Canadian #1856 Accent Base is similar to the U.S. #1854 Medium Base, but I don't know for sure. I can't find #1856 at the U.S. Home Depot site.

The safest thing for you to do would be to get an N6 8 oz. sample using the Behr Accent Base and paint a small card (about 1" square) and mail it to me so I can take a spectrophotometer reading of it and make sure it really is a N6 gray. Depending on how large a screen you intend on painting, an 8 oz. N6 sample jar would tint enough Elektra™ mix to do a 130" diagonal 16:9 screen.

Just for reference, here is a link to a quart of #1754 on the U.S. HD site: http://www.homedepot.com/h_d1/N-5yc...splay?langId=-1&storeId=10051&catalogId=10053

#1854 isn't listed on the site, but is still available in the stores around me.
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I went to HomeDepot here in Toronto and they don't have any of 1850/1854 anymore even though the website has them. After discussing more with the guy at HomeDepot paint dept. he told me that HD have replaced these paints with #1750 and #1754. These are same paint as #18** but comes with primer now, so a new number i.e. #17**

So I did not see any other option and bought #1750 and #1754. I am going to prepare my mixture as your formula provided for #18** and will paint the screen. I am not sure how this will affect the quality of screen but I don't seem to have choice at this point.

I can send you sample card for your testing if you can PM me your address. Also on which card should I prepare these samples?

Will upload pictures once screen is ready.

- K
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The #1750 should work fine for making the C&S™ base and the #1754 will work for making the N6. :T

Thanks for the sample offers, I would appreciate them (will PM my address to you).

The N6 sample only needs to be about 1" square. The Elektra™ sample should be a bit bigger to try and get a sense of how it would work as a screen, something like a standard 3 1/2" x 5" index card would be great. The actual substrate for the samples can be anything from heavy cardstock or thicker. It would be nice if you could make the Elektra™ sample at the same time you make your screen so it can be a true sample of your screen (same primer and number of coats of screen mix). 1canuck2 did it that way, and Pyro2 sent me an actual 1x4 foot sample of BOC he painted with Elektra™.

Photos are always nice! :T
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This is a great thread! I am new to the forums but i have been DIY'ing projectors and screens for a few years. This screen mix looks very promising. I have recently worked with the 1850 and 1750 paints but not for this purpose. I do some construction on the side. The 17xx Behr paints are much thicker because the primer is added so you may need to add a little more water to the mix. It can change the color a little bit but it shouldn't be too drastic. I had to add 10 oz of water( 1 gal)to get it rolled smooth when I did my last job. Without it the roller tended to drag and smear across the wall.
I am triying to do the hts-x2 i have the two paints, the Berh N6, and the Berh #1850 base, But the Craft Smart metallic Silver doesnt work any more, am thinking to use the Liquitex BASICS 'Silver' acrylic paint, this is going to work? or what i can do? or this paint work with the new formula of the Craft Smart metallic Silver?
Sorry for my english, am learning.
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