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Huge explosion at a Plastics plant here in Edmonton,

About 15 minutes ago (7:55am mountain time), a huge explosion happened at the AT Plastics plant here in Edmonton. The explosion was strong enough to shake our entire building (The University) where I work and the power went out momentarily. We are about 5Klm away from the site and from early reports was felt over 20klm away, apparently there are injuries some serious.
I have never felt such a strong impact from an explosion and it has me a bit rattled to say the least. I was just on the roof of our building that is 9 stories up and a clear view of the plant all I can see is a huge plume of smoke and some flames. I have never heard so many fire trucks and police cars go by I really hope everyone is Ok.

Our receptionist's son works there but was not in the building that had the explosion at the time. He is saying that there are certainly some that have not survived this and there is still a possibility of an even larger explosion as a fire is still burning under some very large Gas tanks. (not sure what kind of gas) Please keep this situation in your thoughts and prayers that there would be no farther deaths or linjuries.

2nd update:
well, 9 people in total were injured one seriously. The fire department was able to contain the fire by Noon and there was no deaths as the explosion happened outside rather then in a building.
As of 7pm this evening they still have not given a cause to the explosion. Details can be found here.
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